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Almost every Australian has, at some point considered investing in property, while some move forward, for others obstacles, concerns, lack of knowledge or uncertainty can delay or even stop them. 


Property investing can be a complex process, especially when you are new to the concept. Inspired Property Investing is committed to helping you achieve your goals, taking a step by step approach and building your knowledge and understanding of property investment. 


We are 100% committed to your success and you'll find our staff friendly, down to earth, and there with you at every step. Check out our client testimonials.


So whether you are new to investing or currently building your portfolio our aim is to educate you about the key principles of property investing, focusing on planning and independent property research. With this knowledge, you will be able to make well-informed decisions and successfully invest with confidence.





Think of us a matchmaking service. We work with our clients to develop their investment property strategy then research and review properties to complement the strategy. Our clients receive the latest updates on property trends, investment markets, and exclusive properties opportunities to help guide them in making an informed investment decision. As licensed Real Estate Agents we receive a marketing fee for each property our client's purchase.


If you would like to book in your free consultation please Contact us and we would be happy to meet at our office in Parramatta, or a convenient location for you. You can also call on 0433 935 054


Simon Wilkins

Director & Consultant

Simon Wilkins is the Director and Property Consultant here at Inspired Property Investing. Simon has a passion for Property Investing and has built his own portfolio here is Australia over the last 5 years. He is committed to educating and guiding his clients to help them successfully invest across Australia. Talk to any of Simon's clients (check out our testimonials) and they will say he's down to earth, practical, great customer service, easy to get hold of and loves talking about all aspects of investing. 


On a personal note, Simon has been happily married for 12 years and is the father of 4 children, with 3 under 8 years old. He moved to Australia in 2002 from the UK and fell in love with the sunshine. He loves Australia and for a 'Pom', he is not bad on the old BBQ, with a special signature BBQ Ribs sauce! Simon passions include, investing, going to the gym and his biggest passion (after his wife and children) is fishing!

Afnan Punjani

Senior Sales Consultant

Afnan is an enthusiastic Sales Consultant with million-dollar mindset; positive approach and a strong believer of Law of Attraction! Not only does she have a passion for property but also end to end extensive experience working in Real Estate and directly with builders and developers  Afnan’s logo is to “SERVE WITH SMILE” and she strives to bring the utmost satisfaction to all of her clients from different walks of the Globe! She is 100% committed to helping her clients navigate the property market. Afnan uses her extensive knowledge of property to liaises between the client and developer/builder to achieve the best outcomes and navigate the path between possibility and practicality. She supports her clients at every step through to completion of their property whether you are buying for 1st, 2nd 3rd, investment or your first home.


Moreover, Afnan is an ethical person – who strongly sticks to her principles of honesty & integrity and has been creating a unique balance of professional life & personal life.  Loves to nurture her family including her two lovely teens and being married to her schoolmate - she proudly presents her successful marriage to the world! She is also a successful entrepreneur and an amazing freelancer to +91NEWS (Sydney magazine) and loves to squeeze some time for her BOOKS!

Kaiya Spina

Office Administrator

Kaiya is the youngest member of the team. Her role within the business is to make sure all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed. Kaiya ensure's that every client has a seamless experience with Inspired Property Investing helping make sure that all the relevant paperwork has been compiled, documented and filed. Kaiya helps liaise between Developer/Builders to make sure that every process runs as smoothly as possible.


Kaiya's other passion in life is dancing and In her time off enjoys dancing in a range of styles but specialise in ballet. 

Hayley Donney

Client Service

Hayley is the newest member of the Inspired Property Investing team. Hayley has extensive experience in Client Service roles and will be supporting our clients during their property journey with us. Hayley is friendly, helpful and always willing to answer your questions and offer support when needed. 

Hayley is only 24 and new to the industry. She has a very big interest in property investing and hopes to buy her first property soon. Outside of work, Hayley enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also has a strong passion for travelling and loves immersing herself in different cultures learning about countries heratage.

Kelli Wilkins

Director - Partnership Manager

 Kelli has always been client and business-minded, running her own business for over 8 years. Kelli brings a wealth of knowledge in regards to client support and leadership. Kelli helps liaise with Inspired Property Investing partners, suppliers and friends to ensure that everyone is on track and coordinates between our various partners during the purchasing process.


Kelli and her husband Simon have been passionate investors building their property portfolio over the last 6 years. Kelli now loves helping others do the same and works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the process happens

seamlessly. Kelli's other passions are her 4 children, health and nutrition.